Fridge Magnet of Indian Wildcat Set 1 by Indiwild

Fridge Magnet of Indian Wildcat Set 1 by Indiwild

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Fridge Magnet of Indian wildcat by Indiwild

Set of 5 Wildcats : 1. Clouded Leopard 2. Eurasian Lynx 3. Caracal 4. Leopard Cat 5. Asian Golden Cat

Rs.990/- for 5 Set Wildcat Magnets

Material : 3 mm acrylic with magnet print – high quality UV print

Size – 3 to 5 Inches

India is home to the most magnificent wild cat diversity in the world. Wild cats are distributed across the nation’s different biospheres that include rain forests, deserts, lowland forests, and dense jungles. The country is currently home to 15 species of wild cats, which represents approximately 40% of the total number of wildcat species in the world. The cat family in India is comprised of five big cats, eight medium-sized wild cats, and two small cats. India is the only country in the world that is home to the lion, the leopard, tiger and now Cheetah as well.

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