Early Bird Kit for Educators

Early Bird Kit for Educators with flash Cards ( NCF )

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Early Bird Kit for Educators

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Early Bird Kit for Educators


EARLY BIRD KIT – Handbook for Bird Educators, 5 posters for classroom display, 2 pocket guides, Bird Survivor game, set of English flashcards (optional)

This kit contains Early Bird products which are suitable for an educator – teacher or parent – seeking to introduce children to birds and nature. Looking for a gift for a child? Try this gift pack.


This 142-page ‘Handbook for Bird Educators’ is a guide to inspire and equip educators – teachers, parents, birders, non-birders – with the information, tools and ideas to engage children about the wonder of birds.


A series of 5 posters on common birds found in different habitats in India. The poster size is A1 (594 x 841 mm) printed on thick paper and with 2 folds for ease of shipping.


Contains two pocket guides that list the common species of the region and can be easily carried in the field.


Ideal for a group of kids in an outdoor environment, this game offers a glimpse into bird life cycles, and the threats that birds face.


Designed as an educational game, a set of 40 flashcards on common birds of India features photographs on one side and information on the other, with icons for habitat and food, and a quiz section as well. The cards are laminated and sturdy, ideal for use by children, inside a classroom or in the field. If you already own the flashcards set, you can purchase the kit without the flashcards.

Supporting conservation outreach in India

Your purchase supports our educational initiatives focused on children. 

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