Kaadoo Tiger Trail-Jungle Safari Board game


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KAADOO – The Classic BIG GAME to Discover Tigers of Central India – Knowledge-building Educational Adventure Safari Board Game for Kids 6+ & Family. Proudly Made in India


·         +A Parent’s Choice-Recommended award winning board game, in which four players go on a safari through the Savannah and sight wild animals. Played with four pawns, dice and 52 animal sighting cards.

·         +Points-based game for 6+ year olds, with higher points for rare animal sightings. Plus, exit bonus points too.

·         +Elements of real safari such as sharing of experience, sighting clues such as alarm calls, which make the game more exciting and fun. Players may exit the forest and re-enter as long as sighting cards are left on the board..

·         +Chance to overtake your safari mates, pick their cards or even swap your cards with theirs during drive-past or overtaking a co-player.

·         +NEW ! Q & A: A player landing on a ‘question block’ quizzes the other players about wild animals in the specific biosphere. Test how fast you can boost your knowledge of wildlife!

·         +NEW! Mandatory Exit: Game continues even after all animals have been sighted, until all players exit the forest. Extra fun moments. Earn Bonus points too!

·         +IMPROVED! Scoring: The player with the highest total of sighting points and bonus points wins the game



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