Kaadoo African Savannah-Jungle Safari Board Game


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The Classic BIG GAME to Discover African Savannah – Knowledge-building Educational Adventure Safari Board Game for Kids 6+ & Family. Proudly Made in India (2-4 players)


River crossings are mind boggling, aren’t they?

If you already know how spectacular Wildebeest migration is, then  travel to their land – the African Savannah! And, if you don’t, here’s a chance to learn about it and meet other exotic animals that roam the dotted savannah grasslands of Maasai Mara and Serengeti

Did you know that there is a Red-headed lizard in Africa, a fowl with a helmet on, and a bird that struts around like an office secretary?  Not to mention the BIG 5 of them all – LionLeopardRhinoElephant and the big bad Cape Buffalo, that can ward off a pride of lions.

Our popular African safari board game, now in a new look. More refined and engaging gameplay, with in-game quiz rounds. The safari got a lot more interesting now!

Age group: 6+


  1. A Parent’s Choice-Recommended award winning board game, in which four players go on a safari through the Savannah and sight wild animals. Played with four pawns, dice and 52 animal sighting cards.
  2. Points-based game for 6+ year olds, with higher points for rare animal sightings. Plus, exit bonus points too.
  3. Elements of real safari such as sharing of experience, sighting clues such as alarm calls, which make the game more exciting and fun. Players may exit the forest and re-enter as long as sighting cards are left on the board..
  4. Chance to overtake your safari mates, pick their cards or even swap your cards with theirs during drive-past or overtaking a co-player.

Improved gameplay,more Interactivity

  1. NEW ! Q & A: A player  landing on a ‘question block’ quizzes the other players about wild animals in the specific biosphere. Test how fast you can boost your knowledge of wildlife!
  2. NEW! Mandatory Exit: Game continues even after all animals have been sighted, until all players exit the forest. Extra fun moments. Earn Bonus points too!
  3. IMPROVED! Scoring: The player with the highest total of sighting points and bonus points wins the game

Awards: Parents’ Choice-Recommended

Packaging: Stunningly illustrated paper box 30.4×28.7×5.5 cm


  1. A game board almost as big as 30 lion pugmarks !
  2. Get your own safari pawn in green, yellow, blue or red
  3. One dice that starts your safari and guides you through the jungle
  4. 52 game cards  of as many wild animals, birds, reptiles; 3 power cards
  5. Play guide introduces you to the board,  different types of cards and game rules

Box weight: 780 gms



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