WIld life National Parks in India

Top 10 best wildlife national parks in India

Summers are coming and there are numerous ways of spending summer vacations. But the most memorable and fascinating is the trip to the best wildlife national parks in India. If you are the kind of person who loves adventure and thrill, then you should spend your vacations in the middle of nature. During summers you can fully enjoy the safari and other adventures in the national park. As most of the animals are found busy reducing their thirst in the ponds. If you love to experience the natural habitat of wildlife, then read this article till the end. Here we have mentioned the best wildlife national parks in India.

Ranthambore national park

This famous national park is situated near Sawai Madhopur and you will always mention this park if you want to experience the rich wildlife. It is not only the home to rich wildlife. But also the historical structures will remind you about the rich history. You will also find various lakes where you will find a large number of tigers.

Jim Corbett national park

It is the first national park to open up in India. Here you will find rich flora and fauna and also various types of grasslands. You can stay here in the middle of the national park in the top wildlife resort.

Kanha national park

As you will find various Royal Bengal tigers here, this is the best wildlife national park in India. It is one of the best national parks in Asia as well. Here you will also find some amazing and historical structures which serve as the best sightseeing.

Periyar national park

Periyar national park is famous for its tiger safari adventure. You can do a lot more things here like camping, boating, and embarking on the trekking trail. It is also the oldest tiger reserve in India and once it was the home for the white tiger.

Panna national park

Panna National Park offers the most thrilling adventure during summers. Here you can do adventures on waterfalls, boating sites, and gharial sanctuary. This is known as the home to the highest waterfall too.

The great Himalayan national park

UNESCO has recognized this national park as the heritage site of India in the year 2014. The ecosystem of this national park is somewhat similar to the Mediterranean, Cis-Himalayan, and Tibetan regions. You can do trekking, Valley exploring, seasonal base activities, etc.

Bandipur national park

If you want to see elephants in large numbers, then come to Bandipur national park, Karnataka. This national park is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and the largest protected area in South India.

Tadoba national park

If you want to witness the best tiger safari, then come to Tadoba national park. Also, this national park is famous for crocodiles, langurs, spotted deers, leopards, and wild dogs. You can taste oranges, mangoes, sweetmeats, etc.

Pench national park

At Pench national park, you will get the same feeling like the movie “The Jungle Book”. Whether you want to see the Royal Bengal tiger, sloth, or wolf, you are able to see them easily here.

Manas national park

Manas national park is the most famous on the list of best wildlife national parks in India. Before 1990, it was known as a heritage site by UNESCO. And after 1990, it got the name wildlife national park.

These are some of the best wildlife national parks in India you should visit this summer.

Do let us know in the comment section of your views on these great Indian national parks, you can also explore our websites other sections for more details on various wildlife accessories and equipment’s you will require for the best wildlife experience ever.

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