Stories Of The Wild by Pramod Sharma

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The author’s exploration and yearnings reflect through each frame. A solitary bird, a nest of curious owls, a big cat in hunt, among many more visual treats lay one after the next invoking the essence of the wild….A beautiful collection of some amazing pictures shot with such timings – the photographer has captured some fabulous moments of the animals in action – some of them leave u speechless.


About Author :

I’m a Creative Director for Rediffusion Brand Solutions. Apart from my daily advertising chores, I pursue wildlife photography as a passion. I have recently published a Coffee Table Book called ‘Stories Of The Wild’.  This is a photographic journey of my wildlife sojourns.  The pictures captured in the book are from various jungles of India. Highlighting various species that exists in our wonderful country.

From  a Tiger chasing a deer in Tadoba Forest to A Tigress Noor hunting a sambar deer in Ranthambore. From beautiful birds of Karnataka and Sattal to Raptors of Gujarat.  The book covers beautiful pictures and stories. Printed on a special paper, The coffee table book is crafted with utmost care.



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