Sparrow Daughter Bordo Color Wrinkled Birdhouse

Sparrow Daughter Bordo Color Wrinkled Birdhouse (TEPL 03092021NBO)

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Brand                                 :       Sparrow Daughter

 Material                              :      Leather

 Colour                                :      Bordo

 Item Weight                        :     0.4 Kilograms

 Item Dimensions LxWxH  :    16 x 12 x 15.5 Centimeters

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Sparrow Daughter Bordo Color Wrinkled Birdhouse

About this item

  • MATERIAL & QUALITY – This Bird House Is Made In Proudly Made In India. This Bird Nest Is Made With High Quality Leather
  • This Bird Nest Comes with Attractive Design and Structure. | Installation is as easy as putting a photo frame.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR BIRDS – This Bird House Has Accurate Entrance Hole So That Birds Like Sparrow, Hummingbird And Other Tiny Birds Can Easily Live In It. And The Entrance Hole’s Design Is Small So That Big Birds Like Crow And Pigeon Can Not Enter In Nest.
  • DECORATIVE ITEM – Due To The Decorative Design Of This Bird Nest We Can Also Use It To Decorate Our Home, Garden, Balcony And Window. It Is Also Very Helpful For Birds In Rainy Season.
  • MANAGE & CARE – Hang This Nest At High And Visible Place For Birds So That Birds Can See It From So Far.


Sparrow Daughter Bird house Nest Box for Sparrow, Finches, Garden Birds Breeding House For sparrow and other bird. This birdhouse offers your bird friends a cozy home.

    Product Details:- 

  • This unique design birdhouse is the perfect addition to any home or garden of your choice.
  • Do not change the place frequently and install it within climbers or shrubbery on a wall or on tree
  • Specially Design for All types of Medium size Birds Breeding/Nesting
  • A traditional and eco friendly bird box that can be placed in any garden your window grill, balcony or backyard installing it is as easy


Make sure that your nesting box is installed well before the breeding season begins. Don’t be discouraged if birds don’t begin nesting in it immediately sometimes it takes time for birds to discover the nest box. Attention is make sure you can open the side door for cleaning each season. remove or omit perches on the birdhouse. They’re not necessary and can attract unwanted pest birds. in general, nest boxes can be mounted higher than when mounted on a fence post. It can prevent some predators from climbing. golf courses, cultivated fields, gardens and yards are potentially good habitats for nest boxes, but avoid areas where pesticides and herbicides are used. Those are not only harmful to birds, they decrease and sometimes eliminate the insect populations that are the primary food source for many cavity-nesting species.

Note:- Installation is as easy as putting a photo frame.

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