Bruhad Gir No Savaj by Arvind Vaghela

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  • Pages : 408 All Colorful
  • Book Type : Multicolored Printed Book
  • Paper : 90 GSM Art Paper
  • Language : Gujrathi

Arvind Vaghela is an author, poet and a wildlife photographer. His first book ” Bruhad Gir No Savaj”,which is first ever real experience on Gir lion,was being launched on world lion day by Ex Governor of Gujarat ,Shri Om Prakash Kohli and has already received commendable remarks from Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani and Forest Minister Shri Ganpatsinh Vasava. His wildlife photographs are treat to the eyes.

Here Author Arvind Vaghela is saying about this book :

I was born in Chhapriyali village of Bruhad Gir which is a very favorite place of Maharaja Shri Krishnakumar Singhji Gohil Saheb of Bhavnagar State.  Which is a village surrounded by high mountains and surrounded by jungle, which is a lifelong paradise for me. 


A powerful lion of the jungle arrived in Ranigala jungle area of ​​my village for the first time within a distance of 100km around here.  The reign which was ruled by Maharaja of Bhavnagar State over the Queen.  There, a new lion empire established. 


One night I was alone on my farm like everyday.  At that time, I was studying in the 4th standard.  So my age was like 8 years.  Even now, there were no lights on my farm. One late night, I was sitting inside my cottage on the farm doing homework.  Suddenly the lion  came up in front of me outside the hut and stood there.  Seeing that, I was terrified.  Because at such a young age I had seen such a big animal for the first time.  It seemed to me to be a divine form.  The sudden roar of  it , my heart was shaking.  I was shaking sitting alone in the hut.  He was constantly staring at me.  I felt like death was right in front of me.  It went on for a few minutes.  And he just had pity on me.  As I was not scared, this royal man walked on my farm.  Seeing him walk in front of me, I calmed down a bit.  Then,as my grandfather taught me, I followed him with a torch and a stick, keeping some distance from his eyes.  The lion made his sacred move on my entire farm.  As it turned out, the amazing thing dropped before my eyes.  Savage came from the farm and went straight into the hut.  Where I was doing my homework a while ago. Lion went there and tried my books with his nose and smells it.  And he put his right foot on my book.  As well as immediately turned his bright face toward me.  Who gave his blessings in my book. Just that very day, I started to love this great and gracious royal lion. 


This royal life became an ideal and very powerful creature for me.  This was my first visit to the royal lion of the forest.  After that there were many visits with his family.  So the lion has been a lover since childhood.  Subsequently, a Wildlife NGO joined forces to save animals, birds and nature.  Just during this time, in the years 2015, the Shetrunji river in the Greater Gir flooded.  Due to the abundance of wildlife and humans living on both banks of this river, all of a sudden the floods were affected.  Including a lion.  After 3 days of continuous drowning, drowned many villages.  And countless wildlife died.  Which also included several lion families.  The bus shocked me from the inside. The dead bodies of countless creatures were in front of my eyes at the same time.  I was shocked to see that.  And when we saw the lion body wept.  This happened in the  2015 year. 2016,17,18,19,20 or in the years that followed?  So even a few wildlife survivors can die.  What if all life was destroyed?  Just these questions prompted me to write a novel based on the fascinating fact of this 408 page “Bruhad Gir No Savaj ” So that in the coming years there will not be such a dire situation that such a large number of creatures have to be lost together. This is my first novel in the form of a book.  So far I have only written poems and short stories.  My short stories have so far been based on any truth to anyone.  If anything else I can feel, I can write about anything.  Just then, I am presenting to you whatever was created in the memory of the lion .  With that hope that you too can reach the heart of this dynasty. 


I love all the scenes and chapters of this novel.  Because each chapter reveals something new.  So it is a little difficult to call one of the 1 chapter a favorite.  Because this novel is so touching, I still remember very well my eyes were filled with writing each chapter.  Because I have seen the lion life so closely.  So the scenes of his whole life are so thrilling and memorable.  But I want to tell everyone about the safety of this lion and all other wildlife.  It describes how we can save our wildlife.  And what we must do to save it.  To me, this same chapter can be called more beloved.  Which can help save the whole of life.  I hope everyone knows through this 24 last chapter to save lions and wildlife.





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