What are the factors behind the increased wildlife tours in India?

A wildlife tour can be an exhilarating experience if it’s carried out properly. For enjoying and experiencing nature to the fullest, you need to be super sensitive to the forest surroundings and should have patience and self-discipline. Because there are a lot of variations in the climatic conditions and topography of the sub-continent India, it’s blessed with a vast diversity of wildlife.

To put it simply, India is a hub of about 400 mammals species and 1300 bird species. India is the home of the Asiatic lions, 65% of tigers across the world can be found here, and is the home of 85% of the Asian one-horned rhino. But all these species and wildlife cannot be found in one place. While, if you want to see all of them, you need to be fortunate enough for a Indian wildlife tour. There are many wildlife areas where you can travel through jeeps and busses to view wildlife. Also, wildlife tours in India promote the wildlife species and also conserve them a lot.

That’s why India is seeing an increased pace of wildlife tours in India. But various factors are responsible for the increased wildlife tour. In this article, we have discussed some of the factors for wildlife tours.

Presence of rare fauna species

Many wildlife species are endangered and are in the line of extinction that can be found in Indian national parks, sanctuaries, and reserves. And these rare species are the only attraction of these wildlife spaces. Hence, many individuals are planning for their wildlife tour in India for viewing and experiencing these species. Out of other rare species, the most popular are Bengal tigers, horned rhinoceros, and Asiatic lions. People love the wildlife tours as they want to see these rare species once in their lives before it’s extinction.

A beautiful collection of floral species

The beauty of the wildlife parks and reserves is another factor that contributes to the wildlife tour in India. The lush and green forests not only offer a shed to the wildlife species but also become an attraction for the peoples across the globe. For this beauty, many peoples across the world plan for wildlife tours once in their lifetime. Out of other parks and reserves, Sunderbans and Valley of flower national parks are the paradise of wildlife beauty and are managed by UNESCO.

Tourism aiding conservation

Wildlife tours in India also contribute towards the conservation and maintenance of wildlife species and animals. The fare which gets collected from the wildlife tours is used for the maintenance of national parks, sanctuaries, and reserves across India. As per a report it’s found that wildlife spots can collect $600 from the wildlife tours.

These are the few factors that are responsible for increased wildlife tours in India. You should also contribute towards this cause and experience the heart-throbbing beauty of nature and wildlife. So, start planning for your wildlife tour today with your loved ones.

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